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Hey beautiful, I am the sweet chick HotKiara and "engel" means angel, but that doesn't mean, that I'm always gentle and soft !
I am submissive in bed and I really get attracted by dominant men, but I don't like pain or anything which belongs to the toilett ! I love to use submissive men and I do whatever I want to do with them !
My men preferences are intelligent, handsome and rich men who are able to excite and satisfy me. And I also like to visit swinger clubs and to have sex on a parking place !
I like men who are very imaginative and restant in bed. But the most important thing is, that I can let my hot fantasies run free. I get attracted by men with a powerful personality who know exactly what a woman needs.
Actually I prefer charming gentlemen with good manners, but in bed I need it shameless and full of passion ! It turns me on to see how you're getting horny and I really want you to show me all the things you can do to me with your cock ! Furthermore I love nature and so I love to have outdoor sex !
When it comes to sex I really love the use of toys and the doggystyle ! I need a Men between softy and macho and I will give a lot of pleasure to that kind of man ! Tall, dark haired and sporty men are turning me on, but of course you should be congenial, too !
Let me seduce you LIVE in chat !

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I am a really spoiled bitch ! I love to flirt and to make men hot until they cum ! My hot body is decorated by three tattoos and I've also got my bellybutton and my licking ...
I like it, when we make each other hot until we just can't stand it anymore ! But I also like to go to the cinema actually not to watch the movie, but to seduce a tasty ...
Well, actually I don't really want to buy things, but I love to have sex in the fitting room with a stranger ! Believe me, when I start to blow, then even the windmills in ...
If you know how to treat me right, I'll make all of your secret sexual dreams come true ! I want to have it off with you hot and shameless and you shouldn't forget one of ...