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Name: LUCI

Registered since: 9.8.2008
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Hello sweety, I am the wild nympomaniac Luci and I am an extremely spoiled bitch who loves fetish fantasies !
I am a sensual girl, but I am also a real good pal ! I love different sexual position and games, as more change as better !
My dreamman should know what he wants and I love to use a lot of fantasy in bed ! And that's why I love to be in a swinger club and I also love sex at a parking place.
I like to give the orders in bed and I enjoy to treat and tease men and even put them in chains ! But after that you are the one to say, what kind of games we play, because I want you to be the one who's holding the reins ! I bed I become a real open-minded bitch who loves to experiment and that's why I need a restand and imaginative lover !
Dancing, jogging and coquet with charming men are my hobbies. That's why I'm always looking out for the right men wo have the next bang with ! Furthermore I love to dance all night long, while hot music is playing !
If you know how to lead a woman and how to do it to her, then come to me quick ! I would talk about myself as a real nymphomaniac because I need the sperm of a lot of men to be really satisfied ! After sex is before sex and that's why I need a man who gives me everything in bed, even his last drop !
I am open-minded for everything in the arms of the right man and I'm really looking forward to make your sexual dreams come true LIVE in chat !

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I am really exhibitionistic and so it's pretty easy for me to win the heart of a man there's nothing I wouldn't show to him ! I love it when you spoil me with kisses on ...
I like men who don't talk to much, but rather give me action and a hard cock which I can suck ! But I love gangbangs, role-playing games and the shameless use of sexual toys ...
A long-lasting foreplay is very important to me. Believe me, when I start to blow, then even the windmills in the netherlands start turning ! Furthermore I like to travel.
When it comes to sex, I am open-minded for really everything and most of all I enjoy outdoorsex with a few men at the same time, because I really love gang bangs ! I would ...