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Hello my horny one, I am your wild girl Conny and I have to say, that I am a real bitchy brat !
I am the kind of girl you would call shameless, because I don't have much taboos when it comes to sex ! I love to try sexual experiments with you, may some romantic and some crazy things.
My motto is: nothing is an urge, but everything can happen. And so I've got a lot of sexual fantasy !
I like latin-lovers who are playful and tender. But I also like to go for a walk in the woods to play with my sexual toys there ! I get attracted by hot guys and by sexy ladies and so I love to take both in a shameless three-way-deal !
Besides sex, dancing is my greatest hobby and to please my audience, I love to do that while tabledancing naked ! You just need to know how to handle me ! Furthermore I bid you deep sights and other crazy things.
When it comes to sex, I am really open-minded for a lot of games and I even like three-way-deals and outdoor-adventures. I would talk about myself as a honest, nice, loyal but also wantonly girl. Erotic is very important to me and most of all I enjoy sex with tall, trained, self-confident men.
And I love to show those things to you LIVE in chat !

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I am a happy girl who loves to laugh and who really enjoys the sunny side of life ! I love the hot side of erotic much more and I want to learn everything about physical love ...
I like men who are very imaginative and restant in bed. But of course I prefer real lovers. I can get real self-indulgent, when a men treats me with delightful tongue games ...
Spontaneous sex in the car, the kitchen, the cellar or even in the garage is turning me on a lot ! Sometimes I even go to the Swingerclub to let my passion run free. Most ...
If you want to please me, you should be nice and of course you should have good manners ! I want to learn a lot about sex, too and so I am open-minded for all kind of experiments ...